Brain King IQ Crush Level 34 Answers & Walkthrough

Brain King IQ Crush Level 34 Walkthrough

About this game:

Your mind rebels at stagnation? You need problems? You love the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis?
Get any chance to play with BRAIN KING- IQ CRUSH?
Emm… better not. It will be hard time when you finally realize that it is you lower the IQ of the whole street.
It’s too difficult for ordinary people—as you may know, I often cry because others are sooooooo stupid—our game community gets the same feeling, btw.
As a matter of fact, BRAIN KING- IQ CRUSH is the most difficult puzzle game in the world, and also the most subversive game with unusual solutions.
You don’t believe it? Just come to try

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Brain King IQ Crush Level 34 Solution:

brain king iQ crush level 34 Answer:

what is time right now in your device

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